Anthos Flowers - Gungahlin Florist (Next to Coles)
gungahlin's florist


Winter Blooms


Pink , White ,Coral and Red slightly higher price due to them being imported,good quality stems


Dark Purple , Soft Purple,White/green and Pink available this season

Native/Wild Flowers

Protea pink/red ice beautiful blooms

Protea grandicolour (soft pastel pink blooms

Banksia Hookerianna - soft cream/late colour

Banksia Menzies - Dark red

Banksia coccinea mainly orange/red tones

Leaucadendron in Red ,multi red, and green

Thryptomene native filler flowers ,soft pink/white small flowers

Wax bud , red

Wax flower not available at the start of winter

Native Foliages

Eucalyptus gun leaves round

Wattle foliage in bud (wattle in bloom most likely available sometime in August

Dried Native Flowers

Billy buttons - mainly in yellow ball like flowers

Teassels available , bleached

Spring Blooms

The best time to buy spring time blooms is in the winter period ,the quality is mush better they tent to last longer then the wormer months

Tulips available single and double petals

Iris mainly in blue

Jonquils in yellow, white and earli-cheer varieties are just starting out

Freesias available

Daffodils available later in the winter

Stock Flowers

Field available good quality stems

Glass House variety available slightly higher price

Available in a range of colours

white , purple , pink ,lemon , peach, dusty pink

Snap Dragon

Available in a range of colours

white,purple , yellow , pinks , purple

Sim Carmations

Mainly imported available in most colours good quality stems

Local Carnation stems slightly smaller quality is ok


Large Available in most colours

Mini Gerbera New colours coming in this season mostly new range of peach

Mini pom pom Gerbera great range of colours slightly different to the standard gerbera


Mainly imported great quality blooms available in a great range of colours


This year we have seen the ever so popular dyed Disbud Varieties come though in a large range of colours super long lasting flower known as Mums

Glass house Chrysanthemums daisy shape flowers ,locally grown ,great quality great colours available

Field Chysanthemum (imported) great colour range) more fuller flower

Tropical Flowers/Foliages

Singapore orchids available in white , blush pink purple,dyed verieties in red and blue

Vanda orchids available in purple , pink and orange

Trop tops available in a range of colours grenns,reds , multi colour green/red

Monsterea leaves available in a range of sizes

Umbrella Fern


Butterfly variety (small blooms)

available in white blue and baby blue

Hybrid variety available larger stem


Imported varieties available

Local Australian grown available still


Tiger/asiatic lilies locally grown in Melbourne available in , red , yellow , orange , white and pink

Oriental Lilies locally grown on the south coast

Available in white hot pink and soft pink

Other Flower/ Foliage Varieties Available


Magnolia (large leaf)

Magnolia (little gem)


Spear grass

Gymea leves

Leather fern

Dusty Miller


Queen Anne’s Lace

Sea holly (imported)

Birds of Paradise